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Digital Experience Design

Digital Experience Design integrates processes, platforms and methodologies to help you communicate with your clients through Digital Transformation.

Digital Experience_

Customer satisfaction starts in your digital channels

Digital Experience Design

Digital transformation is not a one-off program: it’s about continuous evolution and challenges each company to rethink fundamental processes.

Imagineer Customer Experience solutions help businesses on their digital transformation journey, giving organizations the Process, Platforms and Methodologies to act on valuable data insights.

eCommerce Experience

Imagineer Customer Experience offers a modern commerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce and Magento Commerce, designed to give B2C and B2B organizations the power to rapidly innovate and drive their omnichannel business with less overhead. 

Some of the benefits:

  • 24x7 Business. Organizations can engage with customers all day.
  • Lower operational cost. No more overhead — leases, rents, maintenance, inventory, employees, theft and loss. A digital presence diminishes or removes these costs.
  • Direct sales. A business can sell products directly, bypassing distributors that add to the cost.
  • Metrics. Every user action online generates data. The information helps brands get to know their customers and understand what makes them buy.

B2C eCommerce

A B2C eCommerce platform will allow you to create sales strategies with your end customer, through attraction, decision and trust strategies.

B2B eCommerce

Automate the sales process with your distributors, suppliers and partners on a B2B eCommerce platform. This will help you take orders 24/7, eliminating the dependency on sellers to take an order.

Order Management

Inventory and management tool that helps you integrate multiple channels to your eCommerce, increasing CX

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Real Time Analytics 

Imagine offering customers the opportunity to get timely, accurate insights with advanced analytics capabilities and bring those relevant insights back into the business processes for better results. Infuse confidence in every decision and seize opportunities to be more proactive and innovative with Imagineer Real Time Analytics.

Descriptive Analytics

"WHAT" : Store and process real-time data into information. Take a hint or a full report of what is going on in your company. 

Predictive Analytics

"IF" : Take as a base the information you have about what happened in the past and let the analytics tool tell you what might happen if certain circumstances take place.

Prescriptive Analytics

"HOW" : Based on what predictive analytics tell you, start analyzing possible outcomes on different business situations. This establishes predictions based on the cuantitative information you already had


Digital Transformation Platform

Digital Transformation is transforming business models, processes, and the way we work in the digital economy. It's about finding new ways to deliver value, generate revenue, and improve efficiency through technology platforms. We can help you enhance processes and drive end-to-end digital transformation, using the latest technologies like Salesforce, Liferay, Magento, HubSpot, RedHat and SmartNow on an open, extensible platforms.

Process + Platform + Methodologies = Digital Transformation

Business Portal Platform

Build and manage your business portals with a solidly built portals platform and achieve what your customer and your employee need at the same time

Commerce Platform

Thinking to start selling online? Through the best commerce platforms in the market you will be able to design your leading strategy

CX Omnichannel Platform

Customize all your platforms keeping always the customer at the center, as the most important element of your strategy. Forgetting to keep the customer at the center is the most common flaw in a bad platform

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Imagineer Digital Solutions

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CRM Strategy

Nurture your leads and convert them into customers by really knowing them

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Customer Web Portals

Include all your customer types in a single responsive platform and optimize it to achieve separate objectives. 

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eCommerce Platforms

World Leader eCommerce Platform assures Digital Stores with the best Customer Experience

Digital Experience Design

Become a Digital Experience Company

They trusted us!


Every company needs a Customer Experience Strategy!

Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.